Global Apptitude collaborated with Winning Coaches, Coordinators, Video Directors,
and IT Directors to bring sports preparation to the next level.

Multi-Sensory Learning Technology

MSLT is our unique platform that incorporates
audio & visual learning technology that significantly
enhances retention.

Learn Faster

Makes playbook and film study more
enjoyable, interactive, and visual for your

Greater Retention

The latest technology embedding playbook
AND Video player.


Dramatically improves players' study time
and preparation habits.

No Waiting

Converting paper-based plays to digital
technology gets content into the hands of
your players and coaches immediately - no waiting for
printing or distribution.


Coaches and players can collaborate in
 real-time, sharing video's, playbooks,
notes, messages, and drawings.

Stanford University

adopts GamePlan®

See how Stanford uses GamePlan®
to Prepare, Execute and Win.

Watch the video

  • Coach Todd Blackadder
    The Crusaders

    "GamePlan has changed the way we coach at the Crusaders. It adds a level to the way we communicate as a team and saves us precious time by making it so easy and instant to share information. I believe we are a more efficient and engaged team as a result of introducing GamePlan®."

  • Coach John Harbaugh
    Baltimore Ravens

    "GamePlan® for iPad helps our players be more prepared. Prepared players win more games."

  • Coach Tara Vanderveer
    Stanford Womens Basketball

    "GamePlan® has allowed our players to take game preparation and player development to the next level. "

  • Coach Tom Izzo
    Michigan State Mens Basketball

    "GamePlan® helps us prepare
    and play better. "