Duke issues players iPad playbooks.

Duke coach David Cutcliffe said Monday that each of his players has been issued an iPad playbook.

"We are fully digital with iPads," Cutcliffe said. "We're without paper. Our players each have iPads. All of our playbooks are on iPads. Their itineraries for camp, all of our video they watch."

Cutcliffe said Duke has partnered with Apple and Global Apptitude out of Baltimore. Global Apptitude has also partnered with Ohio State and Syracuse this season. "We have capabilities of sending them practice video to study," Cutcliffe said. "They download it wherever they are. When you go through a playbook, it's just as it was written in the old days and has a little clip at the top that says video. You just punch it with your finger. Here a video shows up. So, you're visually seeing two or three reps of the play."