Looking for an edge, Cowboys switch playbooks from paper to iPad.

IRVING — In this age of digital communication, news is accessed online, messages are sent instantaneously over cellular networks and the latest bestsellers are uploaded every day by readers who finish books without ever having flipped a page.
The written word may not be dying, but paper certainly is. And the latest front in its losing battle for survival is at Valley Ranch, home of the Dallas Cowboys.
It's here in one of the most traditional settings in football that the Cowboys are embracing the new world in which they operate.

They are among a handful of NFL teams that have begun the process of transferring the content of their six-inch-thick playbooks to iPads. In the coming weeks, when organized team activities begin, Cowboys officials said they plan to distribute the Apple-made tablet devices to each player on the roster after the team's staff used them during the draft and NFL combine for scouting purposes.