Super Bowl XLVII: Tonight the Ravens' playbook is an iPad.

The Baltimore Ravens have launched themselves into the future with a massive chop-down of the traditional binder full of plays for this Super Bowl Sunday, relying instead on the Apple iPad and the Gameplan mobile playbook environment. While this isn't the first time an NFL team has adopted the iPad specifically as their new locker room go-to device for time-out planning, tonight the developers at Global Apptitude LCC will be put to the test: it's Gameplan to the rescue!

With Gameplan, the Ravens are able to take their iPads and view their entire book of plays in both shorthand and with video demonstrations from previous games. Coaches are able to play back events the same game in which they happened, review the first half of the game before the second begins, and transmit any and all information they've got to the whole of the team with a tap.